Power Washing Rentals

Maui Pressure Washing LLC is updating their rental list for 2019. We have added a variety of pressure washer rentals and window cleaning items to rent, from Water Fed Poles to Hot Pressure Washers. We now also rent Ladders, Vacuums, and Floor Units.

These rentals can lend a hand to the first time DIY job you have on the horizon. Maybe your trusting equipment is getting repaired or you are in need of a tool sooner rather than later. Whether you are a contractor or a home owner, Maui Pressure Washing LLC has the rental for the job.

Our rental services are for both consumers and professionals, so let us know what you need. If you see it in the picture below, we rent it. Our minimum order is $75, and we deliver for free to any place within 30 minutes of Wailuku.

Check out our RENTAL PRICE LIST at Maui Pressure Washer Rentals to see what is available. Explore your options and make your reservation today to start that next item on your to-do list.

Please give us a call at (808) 463-7166 to book your rental any day of the week, or shoot us an email with your Full Name, Address of Delivery, and Email Address.

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