Maui Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar Panels as Clean as Windows

Maui Pressure Washing LLC. cleans with delicate care and efficient prices. Our team professionally cleans most Maui solar panels for $8 or less per panel for the first cleaning, and $6 or less per panel for regular cleanings (Minimum prices apply, dependent on height, frequency, and difficulty of cleaning). Our Maui solar panel cleaning team takes care of photovoltaic and hot water heater panels with industry standard systems.

We clean solar panels with the same efficacy and care that we use on household windows. This keeps glass clear, and it will do the same for your panels. 

Net-Positive Efficiency

Check out this great study we did of one major solar panel cleaning project in Kihei. By achieving the perfect balance between energy use and cost we want to help you keep money in your pockets. Simultaneously, ensure longevity and warranty status for your solar panels.

Our goal is for you to achieve a net-positive outcome, where you spend less money on cleaning than you gain in efficiency. We are licensed and insured for this type of cleaning, and will happily come to you! Call us at (808) 463-7166 and we will give you an estimate for cleaning solar panels. You can also Contact Us

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Bulk Maui Solar Panel Cleaning

For extensive bulk panel deals, we can drop prices close to, and possibly below, $3 per panel. Our Maui solar panel cleaning raises your solar input so you can maximize the efficiency of your units.