Pressure/Power Washing vs. Soft Washing

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To start, pressure washing and power washing are pretty much the same thing as far as we can tell. Top listed sites have stated one difference; hot water systems are power washing and cold water systems are pressure washing. For our purposes, it is all pressure washing.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing uses high water flow and water pressure. This is fed through a pump into a gun, to forcefully clean dirt or grime. Leaving you with a fresh new surface.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is the use of chemical mixes to reduce or remove the pressure that is often used to clean exteriors. A typical soft wash setup will have feed tanks for water and chemicals, a proportioner for measuring chemical mixes, and a pump to push the mix out to a wand.

Getting the Right Clean

Each side has its benefits and downsides. It is the job of an exterior cleaning company to know the difference. In order to achieve maximum potential for your cleaning job, both are often applied. Think of your cleaning technician as a doctor that must write a prescription to cure your dirt and grime. You want them to get it right.

Most things can be cleaned with pressure, and the quality of the cleaning will be determined by the man operating the machine. The same is true for soft washing. If the right technician is behind the wheel, the the job can often be done correctly without pressure. The optimal result economically and environmentally is many times a mixture of both.

At the end of the day, pressure washing and soft washing go hand and hand. Quality companies rarely perform one without the other, and knowledge in both forms of cleaning is critical for any modern exterior cleaning company.

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