Window and Solar Panel Cleaning

Maui Pressure Washing L.L.C. is really stepping up our window and solar panel cleaning experience in the Hawaiian Islands.

Window Cleaning

This year we have improved our equipment and experience in the glass and panel cleaning industry by making substantial investments in technology. We not only have an extensive array of standard window cleaning equipment, we now also offer reverse osmosis de-ionized water cleaning as well. We offer fair rates, and can complete most home exteriors in half of a day, and can work after hours for commercial businesses.  We have excellent references that can verify our ability to keep your home or business’s glass clean.  Call us at (808) 463-7166 for a free estimate.

Maui Louver Window Washing

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our reverse osmosis de-ionization systems also work great on solar panels.  We offer fair rates, and great discounts for keeping your solar panels clean.  Mildew and dirt can really stall your system’s efficiency, and we pride ourselves in the ability to get almost all panels clean.  We produce no chemical runoff on most solar panel cleaning jobs, and can get most systems clean in half of a day.  With residential rates as low as $6 per panel and commercial rates as low as $3 per panel, we are an economical solution to the problem of dirty windows. Call us at (808) 463-7166 for a free estimate.


Solar Cleaning

Cleaning Comparison