Maui Pressure Washer Rentals

Maui Pressure Washer Rentals

Maui Pressure Washing is a locally owned pressure/power washing business in Hawaii. We provide quality pressure washers for rent at reasonable prices.  Our Maui pressure washer rentals range from 2700 PSI to 4200 PSI, and are rented for $55.00 – $85.00 depending on model plus tax per 24 hours with a valid ID.  Our pressure washers are also able to utilize certain types of pressure washing soaps and fluids for the best possible cleaning.  We Deliver our pressure washers most places on Maui for FREE*, and we drop off or pick up in the early AM, and can pick up in the evening in most cases.

*To Deliver to Lahaina, add $15 to your order. We do not deliver out towards Hana and Kaupo.

$55.00 _ Less than 3400 PSI 2.3 or 2.5 GPM
$65.00 _ 3400-3799 PSI 2.5 or 2.8 GPM
$85.00 _ 3800-4199 PSI 2.8 or 4.0 GPM

$15.00_ 50′ Extra Hose

$30.00 _ 20′ Extendable Wand
$20.00 _ 15″ Floor Unit

Rent Pressure Washers

We have some of the nicest Maui pressure washer rentals, so call (808)463-7166 to rent your pressure washer.  We are located in Kihei, but we offer delivery for rentals to most of the island at little or no cost, depending on your location.

Maui Pressure Washing

Maui Power Washer

Pressure Washer Rental Uses

Maui Pressure Washing offers pressure washer rentals for Maui patrons for a variety of purposes. Our most common reasons for pressure washer rentals are pet damage, driveway cleaning, concrete cleaning, clean siding, automobile cleaning, window cleaning, degreasing, pool cleaning, and more. If you need to clean something that is very hard to clean, our high psi pressure washers provide the perfect balance between powerful cleaning and accurate cleaning.