Kaanapali Pressure Washing

Kaanapali Pressure Washing

Maui Pressure Washing LLC. is happy to offer residential and commercial Kaanapali pressure washing. These are for both for homes and businesses. Simultaneously, we bring quality and consistency to cleaning needs big and small.

These services provide a gateway to the Maui tourism industry. And we are happy to help with pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window washing, and auto detailing. Let Maui Pressure Washing LLC. be your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs.

With years of local experience and knowledge Maui Pressure Washing is here to meet your cleaning service needs. Every season we expand on our already top of the line services. In addition, we use eco-friendly techniques and products to help preserve and support the intricate eco-systems that surround us on the islands.

Rentals and Services

Maui Pressure Washing offers Kaanapali pressure washer rentals for $75.00 per day + $15.00 delivery with Hawaii ID and cash or check. Not sure what cleaning needs you have and if they fit your budget? Schedule an estimate today!

Kaanapali Pressure Washer

Rental Services

If you have any questions or concerns or are simply looking to collaborate on cleaning ideas and needs please call us at (808) 463-7166. Additionally, you can reach us on our Contact Us page. Take a look at the services we offer to see what cleaning combinations will best suite you and your needs.