Maui Pressure Washing L.L.C. is happy to offer Maui soft washing with our services. If your home or business is one of the many that need to be coated with detergent during a standard pressure washing, has a sensitive siding, or a specific type of roof, we are happy to help. We offer the most environmentally friendly methods possible for soft washing, and follow all industry standards when it comes to protecting your home or business, people, animals, and plants. We will always inform you of the types of detergents or chemicals we use in our Maui soft washing, and will work hard to minimize any hazardous exposure. Soft washing can be a useful tool for cleaning a building, but should only be performed by professionals who follow proper environmental and safety protocols.

When we perform our Maui soft washing for roof cleaning or to properly remove a specific grime from a building, we make sure to start out by appropriately addressing all materials within range of the cleaning. If there are items or building materials that should be covered before we get to work, we make sure to do so. Plants are especially sensitive to detergents and chemicals, so we make sure that we cover any plants, and follow the proper protocols to keep them healthy. The detergents and chemicals that are used during the soft washing process can go from safe to dangerous quickly if improperly mixed together. We do extensive research to ensure that our chemical mixtures are both environmentally conscious, and as safe as they can be for the people, plants, animals, and the surrounding bodies of water.