Maui Fleet Cleaning

Maui Fleet Cleaning Services

Maui Pressure Washing at (808)463-7166 offers Maui fleet cleaning services for your trucks and equipment.  We offer Fleet cleaning for for Maui’s commercial and industrial businesses in need of high pressure cleaners with experience.  We currently clean Fleets on a monthly basis, but can clean your trucks and equipment as often or sporadically as you would like.  Please call Maui Pressure Washing to have your fleet cleaned for a reasonable price.

Maui Auto Detailing

Maui Truck Detailing from Maui Pressure Washing (808)463-7166

Affordable Maui Vehicle Cleaning

We offer excellent Maui vehicle cleaning services for fleets and trucks alike, and we can clean your fleet for an affordable price.  By cleaning your fleet regularly, you will show your customers that you take care of your equipment as well as you take care of them.  Call us at (808)463-7166 to have your fleet of vehicles cleaned on Maui today.

Maui Truck Cleaning Services

Cleaning large commercial trucks on Maui, Hawaii