Pressure Washing in 2017

Pressure Washing on Maui in 2017 At Maui Pressure Washing we are starting this year off right, cleaning the exterior of homes and concrete all over the island of Maui.  We have cleaned quite a variety of projects this [...]

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Commercial Concrete Pressure Washing

Maui Pressure Washing has been pressure washing concrete since 2012, pulling up mold and dirt with ease. We give free estimates for commercial concrete pressure washing, so call (808) 463-7166 and we will stop by to talk about your [...]

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Cleaning Homes on Maui

Cleaning Homes on Maui 2016 has been a great year for Maui Pressure Washing! We have been working hard, cleaning homes on Maui, auto detailing cars and trucks alike, and taking care of gutters and windows.  We are getting [...]

Pressure Washing Maui in 2016

2016 Pressure Washing Maui 2016 has started out with a lot of different pressure washing tasks around the island of Maui.  We have cleaned driveways, roofs, and home exteriors, and windows with our high quality pressure washers. Call (808) [...]

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Pressure Washing with a View

We have been cleaning up so many homes on Maui, that sometimes we forget to stop a moment and appreciate our hard work.  Here are some pictures of our pressure washing work around beautiful Maui.  Below are images collected [...]

Kihei Window Cleaning and Power Washing

Kihei Window Cleaning We were happy to clean up a new home purchase for our friends in Kihei.  Their home needed to be cleaned from years of dust, so we pressure washed the driveway and house all the way [...]

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Wailuku Tile Power Washing

Tile Power Washing in Wailuku Yesterday we took a trip over to Wailuku to take care of some Maui tile power washing.  We cleaning approximately 1500 sq. ft. of tile, as well as cleaned 1/8 in. thick black mold [...]

Lahaina Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing in Lahaina, Maui We are fortunate to have large commercial clients that require pressure/power washing regularly on Maui.  Our Lahaina commercial pressure washing clients have some of the best looking grounds because of our pressure washing [...]

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Pressure Washing Hawaii 2015

We have been pressure washing Hawaii homes for quite some time now and are always happy to have return customers, like our friends in Haiku. For the third time we have been trusted to care for another part of [...]

Maui Truck Cleaning

Maui Truck Cleaning Services Maui Pressure Washing recently has been performing commercial truck cleaning and detailing on Maui.  If you need Maui truck cleaning services, or need a whole fleet regularly cared for, we would be happy to help [...]

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