• Aloha! This year Maui Pressure Washing L.L.C. has continued to raise the bar for cleaning homes and businesses on Maui and throughout Hawaii. Between exterior building cleaning, window washing, roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, auto-detailing, and gutter cleaning, we have helped dozens of home and business owners on The Valley Isle. We use the most [...]

  • House Cleaning Maui

    We have been cleaning up so many homes on Maui, that sometimes we forget to stop a moment and appreciate our hard work.  Here are some pictures of our pressure washing work around beautiful Maui.  Below are images collected over the last few months, mostly consisting of pressure washing homes, cleaning out gutters, window washing [...]

  • Cleaning Floor to Ceiling Windows

    Kihei Window Cleaning We were happy to clean up a new home purchase for our friends in Kihei.  Their home needed to be cleaned from years of dust, so we pressure washed the driveway and house all the way around, including the tiles, and then went through with a fine toothed comb to clean all [...]

  • Power Washing

    We have been pressure washing Hawaii homes for quite some time now and are always happy to have return customers, like our friends in Haiku. For the third time we have been trusted to care for another part of their property, the concrete.  We performed lots of concrete pressure washing in 2014 and plan to [...]

  • Kahana Clean Driveway

    Yesterday we received a call to clean a large driveway and patio in the Kahana area on Maui. This Kahana power cleaning job involved concrete, tile, masonry, and wood. Utilizing a 2700 PSI pressure washer for accurate cleaning, we were able to get up grime and dirt built up over 5 years at this house! [...]