Kula Home Cleaning

Kula Home Cleaning

Last week we at Maui Pressure Washing cleaned several large homes in both Kihei and Kula, on Maui. Our pressure washing experience in Kula was excellent, and we met some relaxed upcountry people. We cleaned two decks, gutters, windows and walls in this gorgeous house. This view of Maui was incredible, and the Kula home cleaning that we did will keep this home looking much newer for years to come.

Call us at (808)463-7166 to get free estimates on how much it would cost Maui Pressure Washing to come and detail your home. We don’t mind pressure washing windows, gutters, porches, stone, foundations, or any other things that could possibly cause issues with you Maui Home


Pressure Cleaning Kula

Pressure cleaned windows, walls, gutters, and decks in Kula, Maui. (808)463-7166