Preparation for Cleaning:

Maui Pressure Washing L.L.C. services a variety of cleaning in the Hawaiian Islands, and we want to provide some basic preparations so that our customers can be ready for our arrival. Here are a few ground rules for all types of cleaning:

  1. Fresh Renovations, especially STAINING, need time to dry. STAINING requires 30-60 days to cure, so please be sure to schedule with this in mind.
  2. If your home was PAINTED with ORGANIC PIGMENT, we absolutely need to know. Failure to inform us of this can lead to paint failure.
  3. Clear any OUTDOOR ITEMS from the general cleaning vicinity. If you don’t want it to get soaps, chemicals, or water on it, take it inside, or move it away from the area being cleaned and tarp it. If we need to do this for you, just let us know so that we can price accordingly.
  4. Park VEHICLES away from the building or in a garage (unless we are detailing them).
  5. If we are cleaning INTERIOR WINDOWS, please pull furniture or objects away from the windows being cleaned.
  6. We appreciate being informed of any LEAKS in windows or doors. While we minimize the pressure used on windows or doors, LEAKS will occur. If you have a particular weak point, put a towel in front of that window or door. Windows or doors will LEAK unexpectedly from time to time, so placing towels in front of all windows and doors is especially helpful in preventing any issues.
  7. If we are cleaning SCREENS or WINDOWS, either inside or outside, we will need access to the home to remove/replace screens. If you do not want us to access your home, please remove the screens for us, and any screens above the first floor the homeowner/ lessee will have to place back into the window.